Tim McGraw is Reflecting on his 1883 Experience – Thanking the Cast, Crew & Fans

Tim McGraw is Reflecting on his 1883 Experience – Thanking the Cast, Crew & Fans

1883, the prequel series to Yellowstone, became must see TV on Paramount Plus when it originally aired on Sunday nights.

While Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had acting experience previously, many felt that the real life couple perfectly captured the roles of the Duttons like no one else could.

While the season is complete for 1883 – although you can still streaming it – Tim shared, “Reflecting back on all the hard work and enormous amount of talent we all got to witness in the making of 1883. Thanx to everyone who spent their Sunday nights watching with us!!”

He also provided fans with a behind the scenes video of the work that went into the series…

When it comes to what he learned from the experience of working on 1883, Tim says, “I learned that you can work through being really tired (laugh), cause it beat us up pretty good. It was a lot of hard work but it was such a gratifying experience. I think more than anything, the hard work from the crew, the hard work from the actors, I learned that it’s one of those things that you can’t show up and expect to be good. You have to put the work in and you have to put your heart and soul into something like that. And I’ve always felt like I’ve done that with every project that I’ve ever done, but I also think every project I’ve done outside of music has made me a better musician.”

So, now that he’s not in the role anymore, what does Tim miss about playing James Dutton? “Probably not talking as much, (laugh) because he was a man a few words and I kinda like that. (laugh)”

Well, Tim McGraw is doing pretty good in his day job too these days, as “7500 OBO” is climbing the country music airplay chart and working its way into the very long list of fan favorites in Tim’s catalog.

Photo Courtesy of Tim McGraw/1883/Paramount Plus

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