Carrie Underwood Announces New Album Due Out Around Easter!

Carrie Underwood Announces New Album Due Out Around Easter!

It has been a very merry Christmas for Carrie Underwood fans so far.

First, she released her holiday album, My Gift, now the superstar songstress has announced on social media that she’s coming with a sequel of sorts to that collection of music.

Carrie revealed in a video that she wanted to continue creating those kind of songs, “I basically didn’t want all of that to end, when I was making this music, I felt like my soul was in such a great place, I wanted to keep making music like the music off of My Gift.”

That’s when she broke some major news, “I’m here to give you guys a little gift right now and announce…I went ahead and made some more music. I made an album called My Savior, which is hopefully a little companion to My Gift.” Carrie shared some additional details about the new project, “This album is full of gospel hymns that I grew up singing.”

News of this album shouldn’t come completely out of the blue for Carrie’s fans, as she says that there’s been requests for her to make an album like this before, “I feel like you guys have kind of been asking me for a while to make an album like that because I’ve been lucky enough to do songs like that here and there…along the way in my career.”

Fans can look for Carrie’s My Savior album around Easter time.

Carrie added “It’s just been such a blessing to make music like this…music that is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it.”

Check out Carrie’s full message right here…

Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

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