Stuff-A-Bus With CityLink And The Total Amount Is…..

The 35th Annual Stuff-A-Bus food drive to benefit the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service officially wrapped up on Wednesday, November 30.  The campaign began on October 28 and concluded with a press conference at the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service to announce the total weight of the food collected during the campaign, immediately followed by the Peoria Rivermen and Peoria Mustangs players and other volunteers unloading the bus of the donations collected.

The total weight of the food collected on the bus during the campaign was 22,000 pounds or 11 tons.  Excess donations that were unable to fit on the bus were loaded onto CityLink support vehicles. 1,360 pounds of donations were loaded onto a CityLink van, and an additional 1,582 pounds were loaded onto a CityLink heavy-duty truck.  The total weight of donations collected during this year’s Stuff-A-Bus food drive totaled 24,942 pounds or 12.47 tons.  This is a record collection for the Stuff-A-Bus food drive.  The previous record was recorded in 2008 with 11.8 tons collected.

“We are overjoyed that a total of 12.47 tons of food were collected on the vintage CityLink bus and additional CityLink support vehicles during the 35th Annual Stuff-A-Bus food drive.  It is obvious from this record achievement of donations collected that the food drive would not be a success without the generosity and support we receive from the local community.  These donations are a blessing to the families we serve and will keep our food pantry filled for the next several months,” said Marcellus Sommerville, President and CEO of Peoria Friendship House.