Win Tickets Here! Haunted Houses, Strange Noises At Night In Peoria?

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Are there any super Haunted places here in Peoria?? Haunted houses definitely aren’t the same this year, but it seems like a lot of people might not care:  They don’t need to GO to a haunted house, they’re already living in one. According to a new survey by, 13% of people say they’re living in a house that’s haunted.  And more than half of them knew it before they moved in.  Here are the eight main signs their houses are haunted . . .

1.  Strange noises, 44%.


2.  Strange shadows, 38%.


3.  Hot and cold spots, 37%.


4.  The “feel” of certain rooms, 38%.


5.  Strange pet behavior, 30%.


6.  Items moving, 29%.


7.  The feeling of being touched, 29%.


8.  Levitating objects, 17%.


The survey also found 54% of men and 70% of women wouldn’t want to live in a haunted house . . . but about one-third would if the price was right.