Now More Than Ever, Save Your Tupperware, Karen

We’ve been talking about a dirty Tupperware hack has racked up millions of views on TikTok, and people swear it works.  The next time a piece of Tupperware is really greasy, or gets stained red, here’s what to do . . .

1.  Squirt a little bit of dish soap in there.

2.  Fill it about a third of the way up with warm water.

3.  Rip up a paper towel, and put a few pieces in there.  That’s supposed to be the part that makes the difference.

4.  Close the lid and shake it for 45 seconds to a minute.  Then rinse it out.

It’s not clear if it works on older stains.  And it might be harder if the Tupperware got stained in the microwave.  People who’ve tried it say it’s not perfect but makes a difference.  So before you replace any Tupperware, it might be worth a shot.

Here’s the video, give it a try!

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