Is This Song Country To You?


I’m in a Facebook group of radio people in all genres all across the country and this song keeps coming up as a point of conversation. It’s charting on Billboard as a “Country” song, and country programmers are torn on whether this should be added to country stations.

Now I grew up listening to pop music… It is still one of my favorite genres… but the movement of pop-country is what drew me over to the country world. Eventually the more traditional country sound grew on me, and made me wholly love the genre the way I do today! I’d be willing to bet that Country Music is not the only genre you listen to, either!

That being said, I absolutely do NOT think this song belongs on our station. It would be better suited on our sister station, Peoria’s 92.3… Some country radio people say “it’s a hit with country listeners… you should be playing it.” Others are saying “This is a straight up rap song!”

What do YOU think??

also, Billy Ray Cyrus came back out from wherever he’s been to put his voice in the remixed version… does this make it any MORE country?

Or… what about Keith Urban taking a banjo and covering it? To me this is the most country sounding it’s been… and I think it’s that Rhythmic beat in the original that bothers me…

What do you think about this Controversial song?