Did You Have Any Music On Myspace? You Probably Don’t Now!


Myspace was the original social media… I mean there were blog sites like Xanaga that were popular before Myspace, but interacting in this way on pictures, friends, and stuff you liked really can be credited to the OG, Myspace. Remember your Top 8? And how you knew you were on a friends s*** list when you went from their number 1 to off their top 8 entirely! Or you’d reorder your friends if you were only a little mad at them. You always knew where you stood with your friends with the top 8.

It really became a medium for artists to get their music out without a label. You could become a fan of someone you’d never heard of before! It evolved to be a mostly music site after Facebook stole all their users away. I never deleted my account, and couldn’t even tell you what my password may have been. I’ve considered trying to log in again, but I also don’t think I have access to the last email address it had on file… I mean, I signed up for it when I was maybe 16 years old!  So alas it’s been years since I I’ve gone down memory lane… turns out you probably can’t anymore.

Apparently a few months ago, Myspace was trying to do a server transfer and lost over 50 MILLION songs… pictures, basically ANYTHING that had been uploaded in its first 12 years of existence. NOOOO MY TIME CAPSULE!!!

I mean, did they really “accidentally” delete it? Or were they making no money and it was expensive to store it?

BRB downloading my entire cloud to my desktop rn.

Ah Myspace, we’ll remember you fondly…