This Dog’s Emotional Response to “The Lion King” is Heart-Wrenching

YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

Don’t tell me animals don’t have emotions. This dog will prove you wrong…

During a scene in “The Lion King” that we ALL cried at (don’t get all macho on me, you KNOW you were upset), this puppy got SO SAD.

As Simba is discovering that his dad, Mufasa, is actually dead, this dog whimpers in empathy. The dog, named Luna, is four months old, and the Lion King is her favorite movie according to Josh Myers, Luna’s human.

As Simba cries “Help!” on screen, Luna’s whimpers grow louder, and when Simba crawls under Mufasa’s limp paw, Luna lays down, too, eyes still glued to the screen.

I bet she knows when Josh is sad, too. I bet she’s the BEST cuddle buddy. I’m SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DOG RN…