Tina Surrells Of Pekin Wins New Furnace From Trouble Free’s Warmth From The Heart [AUDIO]


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The past half year has not been kind to Tina Surrells of Pekin. In October, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and is still going through expensive chemo treatments. Tina works two jobs to pay for her cancer treatments and has had trouble makings ends meet. Her furnace was red-tagged and deemed unsafe to use. At one point, the gas service to her Pekin home was cut off. Her son is serving in the U.S. Army in South Korea and doesn’t get to return home often. Tough times indeed.

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So it was with great pleasure this morning that Dave Orborn from Trouble Free Heating, Cooling & Plumbing awarded Tina the winner of Trouble Free’s annual Warmth from the Heart contest, winning a free furnace to be installed by Trouble Free. Now, she can finally turn off the expensive and risky space heaters she’s been using this winter.

Tina shed tears of joy when she found out, shaking from excitement and the cold, 10-degree temp at her doorstep. Congratulations to Tina, who can now host her son in a warm home when he returns from military service, and thanks again to Dave Osborn and his group at Trouble Free. Their gift will warm her home for years to come and her heart with a great memory for the rest of her life!

Doc Watson