Nash Next Finalist, Aileeah Colgan, Just Released a New Music Video

YouTube/Aileeah Colgan

Aileeah Colgan participated in Nash Next for the first time in 2018, and KILLED it! She was runner up to The Natu Band (and it was a very close call). But the guys at Inked Entertainment, who were also judges in the competition were SO impressed with the talent in Central Illinois, they offered spots to play at Tailgate N Tallboys in 2019 in the judging room for the top three! Aileeah will be playing the June weekend of Tailgate N Tallboys with headliner Brett Young, who she’s been a fan of…

SO much so, that she did her own take of Brett Young’s “Mercy.” About the cover, Aileeah said “Brett has such a buttery voice and “Mercy” is just a song that I think so many people can relate to.” She also edited the music video, herself! She jokes  “Editing yourself on screen is super weird – you spend most of your time somewhere between ‘man, that shot was awesome’ and ‘ugh, I hate myself’ – but I’m so excited for 2019 because I’ll be releasing more music videos, tons of vlog content, and even streaming some live performances.”

Speaking of Vlog content… you may or may not be seeing one of your 97.3 Nash FM DJs on one of them in the near future…

Check out this AWESOME video and the unique take on the song from Aileeah Colgan: