Nash Next 2017 Contestant: Alika

Photo Credit: Kristin

Nash Next 2017 is going on NOW, and this beautiful lady heard the call! Within five days of artist submission being open, Alika had her brand-new song, My Devotion, in the competition!

First thing’s first, isn’t Alika a gorgeous name? If you missed the on-air interview (you can catch it below) it’s pronounced like Uh-lee-kah, and off air, I asked her where it came from- it’s Hawaiian! Half the battle in becoming a country star is to be memorable, so having a name like Alika is a good place to start!

After going to school to become a Dentist, she decided she loved music more than she loved touching people’s teeth, so she got herself a producer (Kevin Chalfant, who briefly stepped in as the lead singer for Journey after Steve Perry), wrote some songs, and she’s well on her way to making it big! Nash Next could be her ticket to being on air!

Here’s the full interview with Alika!


Check out her song:

There’s still time to get YOUR original song into Nash Next 2017, but not much! Deadline is June 30th.