Year in Review: Country’s Top 5 Stage Falls of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and we look back fondly over the year in country music, we noticed that quite a few country stars have taken a spill onstage in 2016. Five falls stood out to us this year and because no one was mortally wounded, we can look back at these falls as the price of doing business.

Here are our Top 5 falls in 2016.

5. Keith Urban falls as he runs between stages.

July, 2016
Keith Urban is known as a free-wheeling mover onstage. At this concert there were two stages the Aussie singer had to maintain. Getting from one stage to another in the dark could be a hazard for anyone. Keith did the best he could as he passed through throngs of fans, but he couldn’t avoid taking a spill. Keep your eye on Keith after the man in the blue shirt passes by. It’s not pretty.

4. Luke Bryan falls onstage in Montreal.

February, 2016
Luke Bryan may be our favorite country music fall-er. The “Move” singer has fallen offstage more times than we can count. Three times in 2014 alone—Charlotte, N.C., Indianapolis, Ind., and Greensboro, N.C. 2016 seemed to be looking up for the superstar until a fateful night in February. Luke didn’t fall off the stage per se, he fell on the stage—slipping as he was trying to catch a beer from a stagehand. Oops. Maybe Luke will fare better in 2017.

3. Granger Smith falls offstage at New Jersey show.

December, 2016
In country’s most recent—and most serious—fall, Granger Smith was standing on a monitor that gave way, sending Granger offstage and into a metal barricade. Granger returned to the stage to finish his set, but later visited a nearby emergency room where he was diagnosed with two broken ribs and a punctured and collapsed lung. Don’t worry, Granger is recovering.

2. Thomas Rhett falls offstage in Charlottesville, Va.

February, 2016
Thomas Rhett likes to keep things moving onstage during his shows with songs like “Get Me Some of That,” “Make Me Wanna,” “It Goes Like This” and “T-Shirt,” but it was during his song “Southside” that he moved a little too much. As he was singing the lines Shake it ’til you just can’t shake it no more / Shake that thing all your way to the flo, TR went down to the flo. But he didn’t miss a beat. The singer kept on singing even while laying in the crowd.

1. Tim McGraw falls off stage at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

July, 2016
Tim McGraw was right in the middle of singing “All I Want Is a Life” when he took a misstep and plunged to the ground surrounded by fans. We love this because Tim is mid-song and he doesn’t stop singing after the fall, he just continues with the lyrics. Showing off his wicked sense of humor, Tim then says to the crowd, “Be careful, there’s a hole there.” Way to go, Tim.