If You Liked Making a Murderer, Get Ready For Amanda Knox [VIDEO]

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Due to me taking my entire year’s worth of vacation at the end of last year, I was Netflixing more than normal (and normal is a LOT for me), so when I ran out of my current binge, I went to Facebook to see what I should watch next. I hadn’t even posted before I started seeing that this “Making a Murderer” thing was trending within my entire friend’s group. Since I had gotten hooked on Serial, it seemed like this would be right up my alley.

And I binged. Took me a little over a day to watch the entire season, and then I was left scouring the internet, hoping for more news. Hoping for anything. And like Serial, every time a little more light sheds on the case, I binge on that information again, too, but it’s never enough. I always want MORE!! What I need is another viral true-crime case, and it seems Netflix is bringing us just that.

Amanda Knox. You may remember her story. She and her boyfriend were convicted of murdering her roommate while in Paris, meanwhile, she maintained her innocence. This documentary goes behind that story in detail and will inevitably start up Facebook conversations (and even fights) about whether she did it or not. And I. Can’t. Wait.

Get the popcorn and get ready to binge on September 30th!