Grab Your Sweet Deal With Big Art’s Yokel This Friday at 9am! [DETAILS]

Big Art's Yokel
Big Art’s Yokel

Are you ready to try the best ribeye steak in Tazwell County for half price?

What about a catfish dinner?

You can get whatever you want when you grab your Sweet Deal with Big Art’s Yokel! This Friday, at 9am, turn $25 into $50 with Big Art’s Yokel! That’s right!!!! We are going to double your money so you can try one of everything!

Big Art’s Yokel, in Tremont, IL, is the area’s leading bar and grill serving Tremont, Tazewell County and surrounding areas since 1961. They offer fried chicken, steak, pizza, wings, shrimp, drink specials and more. They are known for their ribeye, catfish and walleye. For your next meal, visit Big Art’s Yokel in Tremont and click here to grab your Sweet Deal.

There are only 100 Sweet Deals available, so get yours Friday at 9am before they sell out.