Hug Like Cody Memorial Fundraiser For High School Scholarships This Saturday


Last year we met Chief & Dawn, this year will be the 4th annual memorial Fundraiser for their son, Cody at the Sunnyland Bunker.   An annual memorial benefit in our son Codys memory. #HugLikeCody is to help keep Cody’s memory alive along with helping others along the way.  Join Chief & Dawn on the air Wednesday morning during the Ty Bentli Show about 8:50, as they explain what a great event this is and how much the proceeds really benefit High School Students!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 #HugLikeCody scholarship recipients!! They are:
OLIVIA DAMERY(not pictured, she had a sectional soccer game)
They will each receive $2500.00 towards their college education! Good luck guys!!
Thank you to everyone who continually supports our mission of honoring Cody!! Hope to see you all JULY 20th🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡