Netflix Just Released a Longer ‘House of Cards’ Trailer [VIDEO]

YouTube Screenshot

Calling all ‘House of Cards’ fans…

I actually hadn’t watched the series until over Christmas. I had days off with no idea how to spend them (confessions of a workoholic) and needed a new binge after going through all 7 season and the reboot of Gilmore Girls (reboot… twice). For whatever random reason, I thought the series had ended, and I tend to like binging an entire series rather than waiting for new episodes, so I dove in. Imagine my surprise when season four ends, leaving you wanting for a season 5, because there IS GOING TO BE a season 5. And then I had to wait.

Also, being totally late to the phenomenon, I’ve never watched a series where you literally HATE the characters. Like an all-out rage that the protagonist is actually winning the war he’s waged. Nothing would make me happier than to see Frank Underwood get EVERYTHING he deserves… which is why we keep watching. And we will, rooting for literally nobody, as his opponent is really awful, too. I’m just going to sit in my ignorant bubble and pretend that not all politics are actually like this… because otherwise it’s too depressing to even think about!